OPEN TOURNAMENT RESULTS ARE IN! Payouts will be distributed within the next two weeks.
Idle Hour 1 – 1st
Lonewolf Drywall – 2nd
The Taylors II – 3rd
The Taylors – 4th
Cindy Taylor/Jim Taylor – 1st
Virgil Range/Tim Range – 2nd
Doug Weeks/Jim Martin – 3rd
Ryan Waller/Clint Corrigan -4th
Rich Rozylowicz/Renea Rozylowicz – 5th
Scott Miller/Jon Robertson – 6th
Michael Belluzzi/Scott Belluzzi – 7th
Jessie Cates – 1st
Jon Robertson – 2nd
Tim Range – 3rd
Zackarie Chapman – 4th
Sean Wood – 5th
Joseph Emma Sr. – 6th
Cindy Taylor – 7th
Bill Yeske – 8th
Curt Palmer – 9th
Brandon Hess – 10th
Josh Loomis – 11th
Jay Wessells – 12th
Scott Wiltberger – 13th
Mike Martin – 14th
All Events:
Mike Fowler – 1st
Jessie Cates – 2nd
Cindy Taylor – 3rd
Karl Dyer – 4th
Daniel Emma – 5th
Jim Taylor – 6th (tie)
Renea Rozylowicz – 6th (tie)
Josh Loomis – 8th
Ryan Waller – 9th
Sarah Westlake – 10th
Thank you to everyone who participated! Look for our Trio Tournament coming up in April – Flyers to hit the Centers soon!