No Excuses Tournament – During League Play

1. Entry will be open to members of the DAUSBC Bowling Association. Every entrant must be a member of USBC.

2. Applicable USBC rules and regulations shall govern this tournament.

3. The tournament shall consist of a 3-game singles event. 3 consecutive games shall be bowled, and total pins over average shall decide the winners.

4. Entrants shall use those nights beginning average from the League that the entry is submitted from. If you have less than 12 games, you must use last year’s average in that League. Secretary must verify all averages.

5. Entry fees are $5.00 per person. No entry fee will be returned for any reason. There will be a $25.00 charge for checks returned for any reason. Make checks payable to DAUSBC.

6. An entrant may participate in the tournament more than once, (once for each league you bowl in), however, you may only cash once in each division.

7. When ties occur, the prize money will be combined, and divided equally among the tied position winners within the division.

8. There will be 2 Men’s divisions and 2 Women’s divisions. Prize money paid into each division will be returned to the winners in that division only. Prize money paid at a ratio of approximately 1 for every 5 entries in each division. 100% of money paid in will be paid out.

9. The Executive Board of the DeKalb Area USBC Bowling Association shall decide any Questions not covered by these tournament rules, and shall have power to hear and act on all protests arising from or under construction of the rules of the DeKalb Area USBC tournament.