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(2/26/15) DAUSBC bowlers have been busy bowling great scores! Check out Bowlers in the News to see what your friends and teammates have been up to!

(1/15/15) Entry forms for the Annual Open Tournament are now available on the Tournaments page.

(10/25/14) Entry forms for the Annual Mixed Tournament, both downloadable and online, are now available on the Tournaments page.

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Welcome to the 2014-2015 season!

Welcome to the home of the DeKalb Area USBC. Here you will find tournament info and results, links to more bowling sites, and more!

The Mission of the DeKalb Area USBC Association is to enhance the bowlers experience while enjoying a life long sport.

Thank you for stopping by, and we wish you good bowling!

Hall of Fame Dinner Reservation Forms Now Available

The 9th Annual Hall of Fame Dinner and Induction Ceremony will be held March 7, 2015, at the Sycamore Veteran's Club.

Social Hour at 6:00 PM
Dinner at 7:00 PM

Award honorees this year:  

Lane Performance:  Jeff Ricker
Lane Performance:  Artie Alberts
Irene Pevonka Veteran Bowler:  Charlotte Anthenat
Gene Kylen Veteran Bowler:  Dave Dodson

To learn more about this event and make your reservations, click here for a PDF with more information.


The annual Open Tournament will be held Feb. 7-8, 2015, at Mardi Gras Lanes. Entry forms are available at bowling centers, or you can download a copy on the Tournaments page.

Hall of fame Applications
now Available

We are now accepting Hall of Fame applications! Pick up an application from your local center or click here to download an application in PDF format.

Mixed tournament entry forms now available

Entry forms for the 2014 Annual Mixed tournament are now available! You can pick up an entry form at your local bowling center. You can also visit the Tournaments page to download the entry form as a PDF or sign up online!


  • Congratulations to Mick Mishler and Tommy Sykes on their 300 games, bowled in the same league on the same night!

  • Congratulations to Derek Snow on his first 800 series!

  • Congratulations to Austin Ricker on his second 800 series - an 815!

  • Congratulations to Eric Cote on his second 299 game!

  • Congratulations to Trevor Burdick on two 11-in-a-row games!

  • Congratulations to Patrick and Tony O'Donnell on some outstanding bowling all season long!

  • Congratulations to Deb Cullison on her first 600 series!

For more Bowlers in the News for the 2014-2015 season, click here!


-Online training tips on bowl.com for all skill levels (ball selection, fundamentals, head game, etc.)

- Prescription discount card (check the back of your card) that is good at the Sycamore and DeKalb Walgreens and DeKalb Wal-Mart.  The web tells you how to check what stores in the area accept the card.  Your membership ID serves as the ID number and there is a group insurance number on the back of the card.

-If you need a sub or want to sub for the National Tournament only activated members will be able to do so.  Right now it’s only the sub boards for the National Tournaments (looking for a sub/wanting to be a sub).

-Visit this link to see some of the businesses that will give you a discount if you show your activated USBC card.



Gordon Bagby bowled his 10th 300 game on April 8, 2014 with a Roto Grip Hyper Cell bowling ball.  He also has 2 career 800 series and rolled an 11 in a row 290 game back on October 29. He averages 209 in the Business and Professional league at Mardi Gras Lanes.


Jim Vonderheide bowled his 3rd career 300 game on February 18.  Jim bowls in the Business and Professional league at Mardi Gras Lanes.  He has been bowling for 40 years and uses an Ebonite NVD ball.  He ended the evening with his 58th 700 series with a total of 747.  Nice bowling, Jim!


Aaron Williams rolled a 300 game while partnering with Alex Burchard in the Community Twosome Tournament at Four Seasons on 2-16-14.  He was using a Hyper Cell to bowl his 2nd certified 300 game.  After 20+ years, he obviously likes spending his free time on the lanes.  He currently bowls in the Wednesday Business, Thursday Therapy, Friday Mixers and Sunday Night Mixed at Four Seasons with his highest average being 205. Aaron has coached the Sycamore High School Boys Team for 9 years.


Steve Maciejewski bowled 300 at Four Seasons Sports on 1-10-14 during the Friday Mixers League where he currently averages 211.  He’s not new to this, as this is his 4th 300 game!  When asked how long he has been bowling, he simply responded……..F-O-R-E-V-E-R!   No….he wasn’t using the Cubs ball to accomplish this, rather his Mission 2.0.


Eric Cote was competing in the 80th Annual Open Tournament at Four Seasons Sports on 2-1-2014 when he rolled his 3rd 300 game in his 13 years of bowling.  He currently bowls in the Business & Professional League at Mardi Gras Lanes, averaging 224.  While using his Tropical Breeze, he was able to conquer different lanes than what he is accustomed to.


Austin Ricker shot is second 11 in a row game this season on February 11th.  He bowls in the Business and Professional League at Mardi Gras Lanes.  He also shot a 767 series.  Nice job Austin.


Congratulations to Carl Dyer for bowling an 815 series on the Friday night mixed league. He was using the "Red Ball".


John Hietikko bowled 11 strikes in a row on January 28th  in the Business and Professional League at Mardi Gras Lanes.  He bowled a  279 game.  John has been bowling for 35 years.  Congratulations John.


Mike Porter bowled a 300 game on February 4th in the Business and Professional League at Mardi Gras Lanes.  He used a Roto Grip Grand Illusion ball for his third career 300 game.  Congratulations to Mike.

Three 300 Games Bowled This Evening In The Bud Light Men's League.

*Jerry Belluzzi 300 & 814 Series
*Terry Lyons 300
*Bob Beckham 300

Both Bob and Terry Bowled With a new ball drilled by Jerry Belluzzi's Pro Shop.

Congratulations to Slade Martin for bowling his second 300 game of the season at Mardigras lanes on the Friday night mixed league on 1/31/14. He was using the Motive Primal Rage.


On January 14, 2014 Al Cagle bowled his second 300 game in his 35 years of bowling.  He also had a 708 series and averages 200 in the Business & Professional league at Mardi Gras Lanes.  Congratulations Al.

  Father & Son both bowl 300 games on the same day

November 14th 2013 was a memorable day for Michael & Jerry Belluzzi. Michael, 16, from DeKalb, bowling for the DeKalb High School boys bowling team shot his first 300 game and a 727 series with a Motiv Venom Toxin at a meet in La Salle Peru. Four hours later his father Jerry shot a 300 game and a 748 series with a Motiv Primal Rage in the Bud Light Thursday Night Men’s League at Mardi Gras Lanes. Then four weeks later on December 17th Jerry was subbing in the Business & Professional League and rolled his 20th 300 game. Jerry’s 21st 300 game came this past Thursday Night in the Bud Light League at Mardi Gras Lanes. As a side note Jerry and his wife Peggy both shot 300 games on the same day one year apart, November 20, 2010 & November 20 2011.


Austin Ricker bowled his 7th 700 series this season in the Business and Professional league at Mardi Gras Lanes on January 7th.  He bowled a 290 game for his first 11 in a row game this year also.  He is averaging 226 in the league.


Congratulations to Don Burdick, who bowled a 299 in the B&P League at Mardi Gras Lanes on 12/3/13. His average is 245 for this league.


Congratulations to Trevor Burdick, who bowled a 290 game on 11/12/13 in the Business & Professional league at Mardi Gras Lanes.  He bowled 81 pins over his average.


Congratulations to Dane Matijevich, who bowled 278-257-269 for an 804 series on 10/15/13. His league average was 214.


Congratulations to Andie Cadie, who bowled 269-268-279 for an 816 series on 11/12/13. His league average was 243.



Congratulations to Patrick O'Donnell, who bowled 223, 204, and 300 for a 727 series on 10/29/13 in the B&P League at Mardi Gras Lanes.




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